Options & Prices

We offer three license types:

Most organizations will require an annual license. We have endeavored to price our licenses very reasonably, making it easier for you to add the cost to your annual budget. See the pricing guide below to find where your institution fits.

JLicense Pricing Structure


Annual Congregational or Individual Licenses

With an affordable annual fee, JLicense makes it easy for your institution to become more copyright-compliant. Membership numbers are based on units, not individuals.

If viewership of each stream or podcast exceeds three times the congregational membership tier, move up to the next tier size

* If you are an individual performer seeking a license to report your usages of other artists' music, select Tier A.

Purchase License
Tier Congregational Membership Cost for License URJ / USCJ Member Cost for License
A 1 to 100 110.00 USD 100.00 USD *
B 101 to 200 195.00 USD 180.00 USD
C 201 to 400 330.00 USD 300.00 USD
D 401 to 600 495.00 USD 450.00 USD
E 601 to 900 640.00 USD 580.00 USD
F 901 to 1300 790.00 USD 720.00 USD
G 1301 to 2000 990.00 USD 900.00 USD
H 2001 to unlimited 1,760.00 USD 1,600.00 USD
Music Note

School / Non-Congregational / Institutional / Camp Licenses

Summer camps, day camps, Federations, day schools, etc.

Purchase License
Tier Expected Attendance Cost for License
A 1 to 600 180.00 USD
B 601 and up 360.00 USD

7-Day Event Licenses

Conventions, conferences, retreats, trips, workshops, etc.

Purchase License
Tier Expected Attendance Cost of License
A 1 to 100 36.00 USD
B 101 to 400 108.00 USD
C 401 to 900 136.00 USD
D 901 to 2200 180.00 USD
E 2201 to 3600 216.00 USD
F 3601 or more 360.00 USD
Music Note

24-Hour Event / Single-Use Licenses

Workshops, meetings, etc.

Purchase License
Tier Expected Attendance Cost for License
A 1 to 400 36.00 USD
B 401 to 900 72.00 USD
C 901 to 3600 136.00 USD
D 3601 or more 180.00 USD

As a JLicense licensee, you will be required to report your usages of covered songs and lyrics, as frequently as possible. It’s quite simple: Log into your JLicense.com account and report which songs you used at a service or event. The system will remember your entries from the previous login, which allows you to easily click and report, quickly becoming part of your work routine.